Pour Un Sourire d'Enfant

Institut Européen de Coopération et Développement

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha

University of Oxford

Secours catholique - Caritas France

Radio Notre Dame

Ordre de Malte France

Ordre de Malte France

Médecins sans Frontières Suisse


Collège des Bernardins

Association Eau et Vie

Asian University for Women Support Foundation

Providing access to university to underserved and talented girls

Amis de Jérusalem à Magdala

renovation of the kitchen of a religious congegration organising retreats

ActionAid UK

ActionAid is an international NGO, founded in 1972.

ActionAid works with the poorest women and girls around the world, supporting them to break free from poverty, live a life of dignity and have their rights respected.

We want to see women and girls out of danger and on track to create the future they want.

Working with around 15 million disadvantaged people, we fight for quality education, resilient livelihoods, an end to all forms of violence against women and girls, and for governments to provide quality public services.

We listen to what people need and use our resources, influence and experience to work with communities and help them find their own solutions to create a better life for themselves and their children.


Agir pour le Cambodge

APLC is a French NGO which was created in January 1985 by former students of the Lycée Franklin - St Louis de Gonzague (Paris) in response to a humanitarian emergency and to help the Cambodian population which at the time had taken refuge in the camps at the border with Thailand.

From the very beginning, APLC put education and training at the forefront of its mission to fight poverty. In 1995 it turned to aiding development and since then has contributed to reducing poverty and fighting human trafficking. 


Fondation Albeniz

The Albéniz Foundation is a Spanish private foundation created to promote classical music through a festival and a piano competition and to offer high level studies to talented youth through a school of music. It has been created by Paloma O’Shea in 1987 to support the activities developed since 1972 with the Santander International Piano Competition and since 1981 with the Santander music festival.

In 1991, the last programme, the Reina Sofia School of Music was launched, aiming to become a highly professional training centre for youth with a dual purpose: supporting the development of very talented youngmusicians and bringing music closer to everyone.


Apprentis d'Auteuil

The FAAS is an organisation committed to the protection of childhood. Across 4 continents (in around twenty countries) it is involved in setting up reception, education, training and integration programmes to enable vulnerable young people and families to make a new start in life.
The FAAS is active in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


  • To support the development of projects to help street children, children and young people who need support with education, training and professional integration, and vulnerable families.
  • To develop projects to help young people in need in Switzerland, in partnership with Swiss charitable organisations.
  • To develop programmes to advocate for young people and families in distress on the international stage.

The FAAS shares its expertise and knowledge in the areas of education and teaching with its local partners.
The FAAS is an extension of the French Foundation "Les Apprentis d'Auteil" and benefits from its 150 years of experience in the education and training of young people in difficulty.
Both foundations seek to restore the confidence of these children and young people who have to find a place in society.


Association Médicale Franco-Asiatique

The Franco-Asian Medical Association (AMFA) was formed in 1979 by four French doctors: Professors Alain Patel and Le Bourgeois, Doctors Michel Bléry and Pierre Lasjaunias - under the stewardship of René Descartes - Paris V University.


Com'je t'aime

Com’ je t’aime is a French association created in 2011 by Inès de Franclieu that works to spread a positive message regarding the sexual body and its purpose: love.


  • To help children develop an appreciation for sexuality, body language that allows for the expression of love for others, and respect for their own and others’ bodies.
  • To give young people the keys to experiencing lasting love, a source of happiness.

Com’ je t’aime relies on external speakers who undertake to study and use Com’ je t’aime’s educational methods, developed by Inès de Franclieu, based on experience acquired through over 750 events in schools. They follow a validation track to ensure that schools and associations are provided with consistent educational methods from all speakers.


Enfants du Mékong

Enfants du Mékong, is a French NGO which, since 1958, has been allowing poor children to reclaim their dignity through access to education and employment.

Our Goal: To educate, train, support and professionally integrate children and young people, enabling them to improve their material living conditions and to develop intellectually, emotionally, and morally.



Association Réseau Espérances Banlieues

The Espérance Banlieues network, created in 2012 under the leadership of president and founder Éric Mestrallet, seeks to tackle education inequality in what have been deemed priority districts.
This network of independent private schools offers an alternative model to secular schooling (for primary and the first phase of secondary school) which aims to inspire pupils to succeed, provide them with quality instruction, and help them become free and responsible citizens. This model is built on providing quality, holistic education and a strong bond with France.


1001 Fontaines

Since its creation in 2004, 1001 Fontaines has focused its efforts on enabling rural populations to produce safe drinking water locally through the creation of social micro-enterprises.

The three pillars of the model are water quality, accessibility (including affordability for beneficiaries) and sustainability.



Friends-International is a leading social enterprise saving lives and building futures of the most marginalized children & youth, their families and their communities in South East Asia and across the world.

Friends International started in Cambodia in 1994. It has, through the years, developed a holistic approach to tackle all issues children and young people face on their path to become productive citizen of their country.

The model is composed of several inter-connected programs which provide solutions to young people and their families where and when they need them: on the streets, in their communities, at school, on the marketplace and in prisons.

  • The social services
  • The social businesses
  • The childsafe movement
  • The childsafe alliance

Through innovative models of best practice in child welfare, Friends International reaches up to 100,000 persons annually.



Helvetas is an independent organisation for development based in Switzerland with affiliated organisations in Germany and the United States.

Funded in 1955, Helvetas is committed to a fair world in which all men and women determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, using environmental resources in a sustainable manner. Helvetas supports poor and disadvantaged women, men and communities in about thirty developing and transition countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Mission :

Helvetas strives for a fairer world in which every person can fulfil her or his basic needs. We support women and men in taking charge of improving their livelihoods in a sustainable manner and in working together as partners. The impact of our work is the product of a of a three-pronged approach: project work, thematic and methodological advice as well as policy dialogue at local, regional and international level.

In Switzerland, awareness raising efforts and our fairtrade shop complete our commitment.


Institut Européen de Coopération et Développement

L'Institut européen de coopération et de développement (IECD) is a French international solidarity organisation and registered charity, which since 1988 has been supporting the human and economic development of countries in need of help. IECD believes that if people are well educated on academic, technical, social, and human levels, they will build a better world for themselves and for their families, but also for their community and, more broadly, for society.


St John-Paul II Foundation

The John Paul II Foundation was established by a Papal Decree on October 16, 1981 as a charitable organization pursuing religious and educational aims. Its official seat is located at the Vatican.

The main goals of the Foundation are:

  • preservation and development of the spiritual heritage of John Paul II and the Christian heritage and culture;
  • providing educational assistance in the form of scholarships to young intellectuals originally from Eastern European countries and more recently also from Asia to study at the Catholic University in Lublin, and the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Kraków, Poland.
  • collection and preservation of documents and propagation of Pope John Paul II’s teachings;

Œuvre d’Orient

Founded in 1856 by secular professors from Sorbonne University, l’Œuvre d’Orient is a French association that is devoted to helping Christians in the East. A church movement, it is under the protection of the Archbishop of Paris.

Thanks to its 76,500 donors, it supports the work of bishops and priests from a dozen eastern catholic churches and more than 60 religious congregations who help anyone, regardless of their faith.

L’Œuvre d’Orient has three main missions – education, medical and social care, and pastoral care – and works in 23 countries. Since the start of the conflict in Iraq and Syria, it has also been providing humanitarian aid on the ground to displaced populations and refugees in the Middle East.


Ordre de Malte France

Catholic Hospitaller association founded in 1927 which emerged from the oldest charitable organisation in the world.


  • Accommodating, assisting and caring for people weakened by disease, disability, exclusion and exile (refugees and migrants); training caregivers and rescue workers.
  • Responding to the pressure and distress of everyday life.
  • Repairing community cohesion and supporting social and professional reintegration. 

Some of our fights against exclusion in France:

  • night-time community patrols: these help to break up the isolation of homeless people, to inform them, direct them or even accompany them to an emergency shelter
  • medical patrols, through a system of mobile medical practices, organised by volunteer medical professionals 

The Order of Malta France performs healthcare, medical training and relief work internationally with the aim of enabling access to good-quality healthcare for all. It relies on a network of hospitals, maternity clinics and health centres. There are five hospitals, 2 maternity clinics and 7 health centres under its direct management.


Fondation Philanthropos

Born in 2004 in Fribourg, Switzerland, the European Institute of anthropologic studies Philanthropos offers a one year academic training (60 ECTS credits) in Christian anthropology. The one year experience is designed for essentially francophone students or young professionals seeking to take some time reflecting over important questions involving the human person before entering professional life or before another step in their education.


Pour Un Sourire d'Enfant

Mission: To allow children escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well remunerated jobs. 
Since 1995, Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) has been working in Cambodia offering extremely vulnerable children an education and when necessary a shelter, accompanying them until their integration into mainstream society through qualified jobs.
PSE operates mainly in Phnom Penh and the surroundings districts.
PSE is operating six main programs that meet children needs, allowing an integrated approach for the success of its actions:  nutrition, healthcare, protection and accommodation, primary, secondary and higher education as well as vocational training and, lastly family support.



Profamilleis a psychoeducation programme for close family members of patients suffering from schizophrenia.

By offering a 2-year training, including 14 sessions in the first year, ProFamille provides knowledge about the disease, but also learns to better manage stress and crisis situations, and, to better communicate with the loved one, through role-playing and exercises.

Profamille improves the quality of life and health of the patient and its family.

Created in Canada in 1987, the programme now counts more than 70 teams in French-speaking countries.



Proxité is a French not-for-profit foundation operating in France. It has been investing in young people’s success and in developing social cohesion since 2002.

It focuses on the priority areas in the city policy and vulnerable young people, facing a lack of social diversity and/or isolation which often further exacerbate their integration problems, increase their feeling of failure and restrict their prospects.

Individual, regular, long-term support for adolescents and young adults, provided by volunteers from the world of work, is the foundation’s core activity.

This mentoring system makes it possible to meet people of different ages and outlooks with relationships based on mutual enrichment, sharing and exchange on education, guidance and integration into a profession, as well as cultural awareness.



Veerni means “women of strength and fortitude, confident and determined”

The Veerni project is a Swiss foundation, created in 1993 and dedicated to the support of the Veerni Institute, a program providing rural girls from Rajasthan, India, with private secondary education and a boarding school which, apart from lodging offers them supplementary education programs, tutoring, and healthcare.

The Institute supports 85 girls annually, accompanying them through their complete secondary education (i.e. during 7 years).

The Institute was created to give an answer to the particularly strong discrimination of girls and women in Rajasthan.

Veerni endeavours to ease the flourishing of independent, confident, wise, educated and healthy women.


WWF International

Since its creation as an independent foundation under Swiss law in 1961, WWF has been working with local communities, governments, businesses, and other NGOs to protect the world's species and natural places, pushing for a more sustainable world.  

WWF's mission is: To stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature, by: conserving the world's biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. 

With a presence in over 100 countries across the world and offices in more than 80, WWF's efforts have evolved from localised projects in favour of single species and individual habitats to an ambitious strategy and local to global actions to preserve biodiversity and achieve sustainable development across the planet. Today, it focuses on 6 Global Goals - ForestsOceansWildlifeFoodClimate & Energy, and Freshwater – and 3 key drivers of environmental problems – MarketsFinanceGovernance in order to make a difference at a scale and help redefine humanity’s relationship with the planet.


Zazakely Sambatra

Zazakely Sambatra is a nonprofit organization working on youth empowerment in Madagascar.
Vision: Malagasy young people are the actors of change of their country.
Mission: to enable young Malagasy to develop their capabilities to their highest level, in order to participate actively in the sustainable development of their society.

Zazakely Sambatra, meaning "Happy children", was founded in 2004.
The Ketsa Centre, a structure providing educational, health, nutrition, and social support to underprivileged children and youth is the main programme of Zazakely.
Today, economic integration enriches its action.