Through the years, FI has developed a wide range of services which will allow the beneficiaries to build rewarding, independent lives.

1. The social services:
Drop-in centers provide a safe place to streets children for resting, washing and meeting social workers.
The drug program for children and youth provides prevention, detoxification and rehabilitation in specialized centers.
Support groups animated by social workers work in the communities where harmful practices (alcohol abuse, violence) and/or health problems (HIV/AIDS) are present. This support is provided to parents/caregivers to bring families back together and help them rebuild their future.
Remedial education is proposed to out-of-school children in FI centers and in public schools.
Reintegration of children into public school is carried out with support to the families, helping them to keep their children in education.
Vocational training programs are proposed to youth and adults, linked to secure job placement strengthened by extensive follow-up.
FI Future projects offer employment opportunities and support for entrepreneurship to all.

2. The social businesses:
They support the reintegration of children and youth, serving our social mission to involve young people in the development of their society.
They enable us to achieve a good financial profit (for both the beneficiaries and the organization), reducing our donor-dependency.
Our training businesses have attained various levels of development and maturity. Some are still in an early stage, thus not yet making profits; others are run as highly profitable units. The Vocational training businesses range across sectors from hospitality to beauty, mechanic, electricity, and others.
Our most successful training businesses are our training restaurants.

3. The ChildSafe movement:

The movement protect children and youth through:

  • behavior change campaigns: advocacy campaigns for citizens, travelers and donors
  • child protection training: provided to various groups of people and organisations (companies, NGOs). We give them the tools to protect children and youth in their daily life; we then certify and monitor them continuously
  • 24/7 emergency hotlines ready to respond to a call about a child in danger and to take the necessary action to rescue and protect the child

2. The ChildSafe Alliance:

A partnership programme that gathers organizations willing to build futures for marginalized children and youth, their families and communities with high standards of direct services.


  • Share lessons learned and good practices
  • Build joint projects and implement specific large-scale projects
  • Coordinate services on the field
  • Influence policies at local, national and regional levels
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