The Human Technology Foundation

The Foundation supports the OPTIC network which pursues two main goals:

  • Promoting researches in the field of the so-called breakthrough technologies (digital and other new technologies)
  • Studying their potential impact on people and society

Breakthrough technologies, including digital technologies, artificial intelligence, nanotech, biotech and all human enhancement techniques, all have a major impact on the development of society, the economy, and humanity itself. This impact can be beneficial, but it can also pose some huge ethical risks. These potential consequences have scarcely been studied as these technologies are developing so quickly.

In order to help private and public stakeholders to define an ethical framework for their activities and to ensure that humanity and the common good remain at the heart of the relevant stakeholders’ concerns, the OPTIC research network establishes multidisciplinary teams of researchers.

 The chief research themes are:

  • Blockchain and Development
  • Big Data and Healthcare
  • Governing Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Rights
  • Greening the Economy

In France, three lines of research have been investigated by three distinct teams in 2017:

  •  The use of artificial intelligence in the judicial system and its impact on human rights
  • The development of predictive medicine through the use of Big Data and its influence on medicine, the healthcare system and access to healthcare
  • The political consequences of using the Blockchain: evolution of the notion of solidarity, trusted third-parties; opportunities and threats for the most vulnerable communities and refugees

Each group surveys the key stakeholders in its domain and works to define the challenges precisely and propose solutions to the dangers of abuses that may occur.

The work of each group is summarised in publications supplied to the relevant public decision-makers, business leaders and professionals.

From 2018, group of researchers based in Switzerland, The United States and Canada will, through their work, enrich the current researches developed.


The OPTIC network other axes of work:

The OPTIC Training programme: an interdisciplinary network of highly-qualified specialists (theologians, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, lawyers and so on) who speak periodically at symposia and study days on questions relating to the impact of breakthrough technologies in light of Christian anthropology.

The aim of OPTIC Training is to bring project leaders together with some of the most knowledgeable speakers in the field. Any project leader can ask OPTIC Training to find a speaker who is in a position to advise on their project.

The business projects incubator Goodmakr: supports innovative projects with a substantial positive impact on society. Its approved development models are based on ethical principles. The projects carried out are founded on virtuous entrepreneurial practices.

Goodmakr wants to create an environment that is conducive to carrying out ethical business projects.

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