Institut Européen de Coopération et Développement

L'Institut européen de coopération et de développement (IECD) is a French international solidarity organisation and registered charity, which since 1988 has been supporting the human and economic development of countries in need of help. IECD believes that if people are well educated on academic, technical, social, and human levels, they will build a better world for themselves and for their families, but also for their community and, more broadly, for society. Our work is based on the complete education of the individual and encourages young people, parents, professionals, and local development stakeholders to play an active and responsible part in the life of the project.

IECD aims to create the conditions conducive to revealing the talents of every individual and allow good-willed people to take action on the social, professional and institutional levels alike. By acquiring the necessary expertise, they can transform their lives and become responsible stakeholders in their countries. Consequently they will have a positive impact on society and will help make it fairer.

In pursuit of this mission, IECD intervenes in four key areas: Training and Access to Employment (34%), Support to Small Enterprises (31%), Education (24%), and Healthcare (11%). IECD’s flagship programmes (CERES-SESAME education programme, the family farm schools programme, the “Seeds of Hope” programme for training in the electrical professions, or indeed the programme of support to small enterprises), launched in Madagascar (1989), the DRC (1991), Lebanon (1989), and Cameroon (1998) respectively are now praised by development stakeholders and being extended to several other countries.

Due to its very dense and diverse network of partners (Ministries, local associations, technical schools, faith-based organisations and more), and in accordance with national policies, IECD is committed to progressively transfer its competencies to its local partner associations and institutions over the long term.”

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