Espérance Banlieues

Espérance Banlieues’ unique strength and character resides in its mission to develop an education model that is adapted to disadvantaged pupils and their families. This model rests on three pillars:

Academic: emphasis on a strong command of basic knowledge (mathematics, French) and key skills; small class sizes (15 pupils max.), teaching based on a range of various proven education methods (Montessori, Nuyts) that are constantly evolving and expanding.

Educational: the schools invest significant effort in the socialisation of their pupils and involve parents in the schooling process; the teachers are more than instructors - they are educators. They develop a sense of community, belonging and help activate the pupils’ potential through the use of positive teaching methods.

Integrational: helping shape pupils’ identity in a positive way, developing a sense of belonging to their school, promoting a sense of belonging in France (numerous history classes and performance of certain customs such a daily flag-raising ceremony).

The schools act as micro trust-based societies that promote social bonds in districts that are often quite tough. In doing so, they serve as a precursor of the national community to which the pupils will eventually contribute their own talents. Start of the 2020 school year, Espérance Banlieues serves more than 800 pupils in 17 schools across France

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