Com’ je t’aime


A. for children and young people:

Suggest events to build the emotional lives of our children and young people. These events, appropriate for the young person’s age and maturity, provide information that:

  • Explains the purpose of the sexual body, and promotes respect of it
  • Reconciles the body and heart
  • Presents sexuality as a body language that expresses how much we love each other
  • Highlights the complementarity between men and women
  • Offers a path to maturity that is conducive to building love, a source of happiness


B. For parents and educators:

Supports them and encourages them in their educational task. To do so, Com’ je t’aime offers:

  • Conferences with parents to give them the keys to having a fair, respectful, age-appropriate dialogue with their children.
  • In-depth training workshops for educators and parents who would like to open up a dialogue and answer the questions posed by young people faced with a hyper-sexualised world and very often pornography. 


  • An integral human anthropology: Comje taime is aimed at the whole person by awakening their intelligence, speaking about their heart and explaining their body to them.
  • A sympathetic ear that avoids any judgement.
  • Transparency: aware that we are broaching a delicate subject, we ask educational teams in the institutions in which we intervene to attend our events, which are also recorded.
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