Africa’s youth population is surging. Nearly 50% of all Africans are younger than 18 years old, and that number is rising. These demographics, along with a scarcity of jobs, have led to dramatic rates of youth unemployment. Education systems in Africa face challenges meeting young people’s needs– current curricula and teaching methods don’t consistently prepare students for the labour market.

Educate! believes that by transforming secondary education, we can equip youth with the skills to disrupt the systemic problem of youth unemployment.

To maximize impact for the greatest number of youth, Educate!partners with governments to support skills-based education and advises national governments on curriculum design, teacher training initiatives, and school management practices to ensure that students graduate with the skills they need to get jobs, start businesses, and drive national development.

In 2012, Educate! partnered with Uganda’s government to integrate aspects of our model in to Uganda’s entrepreneurship course nationally; in 2015, Educate! served as a technical advisor to Rwanda on its secondary education reform and began supporting the effective implementation of the reformed curriculum; and in 2016, Educate! began serving as a technical advisor to Kenya on its national curriculum reform.

With the support of IF International Foundation, Educate! is supporting the Rwandan government, teachers, and schools in successfully implementing a practical, competence-based education system that enables students to learn and practice the 21st century skills they need to start businesses, get jobs, and improve their livelihoods after graduation.

Educate!’s work in Rwanda is designed to inform future reform efforts across Africa, and the lessons Educate! learns in Rwanda will build groundbreaking evidence for how to effectively implement and roll out skills-based education reforms throughout Africa.

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