CCBRT is a trusted local health services provider working in partnership with the government of Tanzania to usher the country towards a future free of maternal and newborn deaths and preventable disabilities.

CCBRT Disability hospital in Dar es Salaam is at the heart of it’s work.

Treatments are provided at highly subsidised costs.

CCBRT also works with partner facilities across Tanzania to improve the skills of medical providers and reach patients in their communities.

Following internal restructuring in 2017, CCBRT now has four core service areas:

Ophthalmology – From its roots identifying preventable blindness in Dar es Salaam, eye services continue to be CCBRT’s largest volume, most in-demand treatment area. An estimated 1.1 million Tanzanians are visually impaired, over 550,000 of those are children, with common, preventable or treatable conditions, such as cataract, corneal scars, glaucoma and refractive error.

Orthopaedics and Physical Rehabilitation– CCBRT’s Orthopaedic and Physical Rehabilitation Department serves clients’ mobility needs through consultations, surgeries, treatments and prosthetics and orthotics services.

Plastics and Reconstruction– Clients with a congenital or acquired deformity often face severe stigma in their communities due to their treatable conditions. CCBRT’s plastics and reconstructive team seeks to help these clients heal.

CCBRT is expanding its plastic and reconstructive services in order to reach more people in need – such as the 3,000 babies born with cleft lip/palate and the 850,000-plus burn victims annually. After complex surgery, CCBRT provides assistive devices and physical therapy.

Maternal, Newborn and Child Health– From 2019, CCBRT will commence offering comprehensive care and support for expectant mothers, from early pregnancy, through antenatal care, labour and delivery and post-delivery care.

This represents a major step towards realising CCBRT’s vision of a Tanzania free of maternal and newborn deaths & preventable disabilities.

CCBRT also maintains the largest nationwide obstetric fistula identification, referral and treatment programme, serving more than 600 women on site annually and facilitating treatment for an additional 400 at other health centres.

Impact 2016: CCBRT

  • Performed +70,000 eye consultations
  • Performed and supported 1,012 fistula surgeries
  • Received 448 new clubfoot cases
  • Supported +5,550 families with community-based rehabilitation
  • Trained 1,329 clinicians at partner sites
  • Provided +21,000 assistive devices
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