Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC)

Each day an average of 500 children pass through AHC.

In 2016, 180,000 children were treated at the hospital. In addition to paediatric care functions including outpatient and inpatient departments and emergency room, the hospital provides quality speciality services to patients including paediatric and neonatal intensive care, ophthalmology, and oncology. The hospital also houses support services some of which are unique within paediatric hospitals within Cambodia including pharmacy, social work, physiotherapy, and microbiology.

AHC’s impact reaches far beyond the hospital walls. 

In addition to hospital services, AHC operates several outreach services to support treatment and prevention activities in surrounding villages and communities including (1) a satellite clinic to serve children living in rural Siem Reap; (2) a health education programme in rural communities; (3) training of village healthcare workers; and (4) provision of homecare for HIV-positive and other vulnerable children.

AHC is also supporting the strengthening of the public health system by implementing a far-reaching medical education programme that targets health professionals across their career. At AHC we are training medical professionals at all levels of their career from government nursing school students to established residents training in specific paediatric specialisations.

AHC’s experience places the organisation in a strong position to tackle a number of large global child health concerns including reduction of neonatal and child mortality and morbidity, antibiotic resistance and the treatment of childhood cancer.

The strength in AHC's programmes is further strengthened by a growing number of strategic academic research partnerships, including Oxford University and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in the UK.

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