Agir pour le Cambodge (APLC)

APLC is a French NGO which was created in January 1985 by former students of the Lycée Franklin - St Louis de Gonzague (Paris) in response to a humanitarian emergency and to help the Cambodian population which at the time had taken refuge in the camps at the border with Thailand.

From the very beginning, APLC put education and training at the forefront of its mission to fight poverty. In 1995 it turned to aiding development and since then it has contributed to reducing poverty and fighting human trafficking. 

Nowadays its actions target mainly children and youngsters with programs supporting education and vocational training with the Sala Baï Hotel and Restaurant School. Beneficiaries are aged from 8 and 23 years old, coming exclusively from very disadvantaged background. A priority is given to girls, who are more vulnerable and access education and stable employment with greater difficulty.

Sala Baï is a school in hospitality aimed to train each year, free of charge, more than 100 young underprivileged Cambodians,70 % of them being girls. After 15 years in operation, more than 1500 students have been trained and found a job in the fastest growing economic sector of the country, enabling them to achieve economic independence and improving significantly the living conditions of their families.

Thanks to the Sala Baï program, APLC contributes to the setting up and development of vocational training, the development of responsible tourism and the decrease of poverty and human trafficking in Cambodia.

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